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50 Years of Flavor:
Aling Ester's Original Longganisa Reaches Los Angeles

Image of Aling Ester And Her Family

Founded by Eduardo “Eddie” Calanoc and Justina “Ester” Calanoc in 1965, Aling Ester’s Meat Store originated in Matadero Village, a town in Cabanatuan City popularly known for its rows of butcher shops and livestock markets. With Eddie’s business acumen and Ester’s skill in cooking and blending flavors, they created an original longganisa recipe that quickly gained a loyal following in and outside of the city. This family recipe, loved and enjoyed for over 50 years, has been handed down for generations—from Ester to her son, Eric, and then to his son, John. Thanks to his family, Aling Ester’s legacy continues. The meat shop they’ve started from the humble town of Matadero Village has expanded beyond the Philippines’ borders, and the recipe they’ve created is now available to be enjoyed in Los Angeles, California.